As my mum feels the cold quite easily, this year for my Mother’s Day, I decided that I would make my mum a crochet throw blanket! I had seen the Nature’s Neutral Crochet Throw in a Better Homes and Garden (Australia) magazine that would be perfect for her, as she loves neutral colours, particularly shades of brown.

They sell kits for this throw blanket, which include the pattern and yarn in either acrylic or wool, and you can opt for a fringing pack if you wish. I decided on the on the wool throw with fringing, and purchased the kit from the BHG Shop.

Nature's Neutral's throw

Written in UK English, the pattern is easy to follow, though it did take me quite a lot longer than the advertised 12 hours. I think that I may be a slow crocheter though – based by other’s videos that I’ve seen online who seem to be able to crochet at record speeds! 🙂

Nature's Neutral's throw spread out


The kits contain three colours, and they are worked in a gradient from dark to light, as you can see in the pictures, but for the instructions you will need to purchase the kit! The wool is amazingly soft to the touch, and as I was working it up it kept me delightfully warm! Sometimes I can find wool a bit scratchy, but not the case with this lot!

Nature's Neutral's throw rolled up

This throw is perfect for Winter here in Australia, and was an enjoyable make! You can purchase the crochet kit here, and if you are a knitter, or prefer a brighter colour mix, you can also purchase other combinations through the BHG Shop.

Happy crocheting,

Meagan x

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