Well, it’s certainly been a busy week! After a brief kerfuffle with the post on Monday, I finally received my yarn in the mail to complete the beanie that I mentioned last week, and I’ve been working on it a little each night since to finish it off.

While attending the craft fair, I fell in love with this beautiful yarn which is a blend of Alpaca and Merino yarn from Australian Alpaca Barn. They have an online shop where I was able to buy the additional yarn that I required in Mulberry. While buying it, I couldn’t resist and purchased enough to make another beanie in lilac and dark grey.

I’d purchased this pattern from The Hook Nook after seeing so many of her gorgeous photos on her Instagram account. I was waiting until I had the right yarn, but realised this was the one. Since her pattern calls for worsted weight yarn (10 ply here in Australia), and my yarn is 8 ply, I knew I’d need to modify the pattern slightly. The pattern is very easily scalable and with a few try-on’s I got the perfect fit.

Jessica also provides you with a link to her video tutorial for the puff stitch. Even though I had never used this stitch, with her video, I found it very easy to pick up and was able to proceed with smooth sailing. While I’m nowhere near her speed – seriously, check out some of her videos on her Instagram feed, she’s amazing! – I am so happy with how it turned out!

Puff Stitch Beanie | MeaganMade.com

I had to add a pom pom, and I was inspired by this video on the Better Craft Facebook page to try this new way of creating pom poms. Every time I see this pom pom I just want to give it a squish, and it’s super soft.

After finishing the beanie late on Thursday night, I had to wear it to work yesterday, and wow, my head was so toasty warm. I couldn’t resist taking a quick selfie to show you how it sits when it’s worn, and there were even some beautiful flowers still in bloom!

Puff Stitch Beanie | MeaganMade.com

I’m looking forward to making another one of these in lilac and grey! Give this pattern a try, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Happy crocheting,

Meagan xo


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