Since I’ve been spending a lot of time at home with my feet up, I’ve been spending even more time on Pinterest than normal! One of the many things I added to my boards was this delicious looking recipe for dairy free Lemon Bars. The original recipe was both Gluten Free and Dairy Free, so I’ve decided to make a few alterations and make it this week!

While the recipe does take a while from start to finish, most of the time is spent with the slice in the oven or the fridge. And it was well worth the time spent, and luckily it gave my ankle a bit of a break too! This recipe actually involved more interpretations than I’d planned since I was out of more ingredients than I had realised!

Lemon Bars |

For the shortbread layer, I had originally planned to substitute the Gluten Free flour mix for normal plain flour which I quickly realised had run out. Since I was out of plain flour, I substituted it for 1.5 cups of normal self raising flour and omitted the flour mix, gum and baking powder. I made the lemon layer as per the recipe, using the corn flour option and poured it over as soon as the shortbread layer was done.

When the slice came out of the fridge after the final baking, the layers remained distinct yet gooey, and was really delicious. It won the housemate seal of approval too, and I don’t think they’ll last too long!

Lemon Bars |

I hope that you’ll head on over to Sheena’s page and try this dairy free lemon bars recipe for yourself!

Happy baking,
Meagan x

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