I first made this recipe about 8 years ago, well before I became lactose intolerant, and it’s always been a hit. After I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant, I naturally just assumed that it was now off the menu and forgot all about it.

Lately I’ve been getting sick of paying nearly $4 per slice of banana bread at work, so I looked up this Australian Women’s Weekly recipe to see if I could make it dairy free! And the results…

Chocolate Banana Bread | MeaganMade.com

…Delicious! It was so much easier than I had thought, and just as good as I remembered! All I had to do was swap milk for almond milk and the normal chocolate for Sweet William’s dairy free chocolate. 🙂 I used my food processor to whiz up the macadamia nuts and chocolate to save time chopping, and the rest was easy to prepare.

Chocolate Banana Bread | MeaganMade.com

The crust is amazingly crunchy and the centre deliciously moist and tasty. The macadamia nuts give it the hint of a crunch, and the few slices I took travelling with me for work were very popular. Take a look at the texture once I cut this loaf open.

Chocolate Banana Bread | MeaganMade.com

Just writing about this is inspiring me to make another loaf this weekend, ready for the new week! Do you have a tried and tested loaf recipe? I’d love to find another recipe, maybe one for Pear and Rasberry Bread – Let me know what are your go-to recipes!

Happy cooking,

Meagan x

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