Working full-time, I don’t always get to do as much craft as I’d like to, so I’ve decided that sometimes I’ll post about crafts that I’ve done over the last few years that I’ve found on Pinterest. 🙂

Last week I posted about my friend Lisa’s birthday doughnuts – Lisa has been one of my closest friends since Year 7 in high school, and we’ve shared a place for the last 5 years (and yep – we’re still friends!). Luckily we both love to craft so she puts up with my crafting goodies being everywhere! 🙂

Two years ago, I spotted this pin for a pincushion thread-catcher and thought that I could make this as something that is not only cute but practical too! Lisa loves to sew, in particular quilts. Anyone who loves to sew knows how those annoying bits of thread end up everywhere. I have a sewing machine mat that has a little pouch for sewing scraps and it’s been super helpful. I’d seen Lisa eyeing mine off, so I knew it would go down well.

Close-up of pincushion

This pattern was super helpful and easy to follow, although I decided to leave out the clothesline so that it could be stored flat! For the first time, I got to take a trip to Bunnings for something I actually wanted, crafting! It made my dad happy to be able go to the hardware store with me and not have me bored, lol! 🙂

For this you’ll be using 2 door hinges as a weight inside of the pincushion, along with toy stuffing – though I read that some people added steel wool instead which had the added benefit of sharpening the pins!

Pincushion thread-catcher

I was so happy with how it turned out, and Lisa has enjoyed using it, it’s a constant presence on our sewing/dining table – so I’ll call that a success!

Check out the tutorial and let me know how you go with the project!

Happy sewing,

Meagan x