Yet another week gone by and still no driving! After my housemate took me to the local shops I came away with 7 granny smith apples and no idea what to make with them. After a quick Pinterest search, I found this pin for Apple Crisp – which from what I can tell, we call Apple Crumble here in Australia!

While the recipe contained some dairy, I was able to convert the ingredients to lactose/dairy free ingredients! I swapped butter for Nuttelex and milk for almond milk. And boy was this recipe delicious!!

Apple Crumble |

When cooked, the sauce becomes almost caramelised and bubbly, especially fresh out of the oven. I spread the crumble over the top by hand, but cheated a little using the 2mm slicing attachment on my Magimix food processor to save time. While it made quite a lot of mess, the result was truly worth it!

Apple Crumble |

I served it up with some of my lactose free Peter’s ice cream, and while it was warm it melted right over it. Absolutely scrumptious, luckily Lisa was home  – otherwise I may have eaten it all by myself. By some miracle there was still some left today and it tasted delicious cold, almost as good at it did yesterday!

Apple Crumble |

You should definitely give this recipe a go!! If you have a recipe that you think I should try please let me know in the comments below!

Happy cooking,
Meagan x

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